A Brief Overview Of The Taradel EDDM Services

Every Door Direct Mail is a direct mail service that delivers the same printed piece to every address on a specific mail route. Unlike other mail forms, this method doesn’t require one to provide a separate mailing list. Instead, they can use the USPS Mapping tool to create a personalized route for each piece.

Through our partnership with the US Postal Service, experts can help keep costs down and provide one with the most cost-effective method for sending letters. This method is known as the Do-It-Yourself Direct Mail service, and it gives one more control over the route and areas that they choose.

With Every Door Direct Mail, one can reach every home, every address, and time. Just pick the neighborhood, and a Postal Service carrier will deliver their printed piece to every lesson. Use Every Door Direct Mail service to send letters to retail customers. They can mail up to 5,000 pieces per day. Keep the weight of each piece at 3.3 ounces.

The Advantages Of EDDM Over Direct Mail

Both direct mail strategies are focused on the ability to reach their intended audience. At the same time, traditional direct mail can get a particular demographic; EDDM targets every house in a given neighborhood. Taradel EDDM services are a great way to reach people in a specific area. It saves money on postage and list costs. The experts can help one print their EDDM postcards on heavyweight 16 pt card stock with both sides of the sheet. They then bundle them with rubber bands and tray them according to the requirements of the US Postal Service.

Targeted Direct Mail

Traditional direct mail can reach a specific demographic by sending out various materials, such as postcards and flyers. It gets used to creating a mailing list that includes people in the same demographic. Unlike traditional direct mail, Taradel EDDM services use a geographic strategy to reach a specific audience. It doesn’t require a mailing list to reach its intended audience. Instead, it uses routes from the US Postal Service to reach its intended audience.


EDDM requires that its mailers be at least 11 or 12 inches long and have a width of at least 12 inches. They should also not exceed 15 inches in length. Unlike EDDM, traditional direct mail gets customized to fit one’s needs. It doesn’t have restrictions on the size or the number of pieces they can send.


The Traditional Direct Mail tends to be more expensive than the EDDM postage cost. One of the most cost-effective ways to promote their business is through EDDM, which eliminates the need for a mailing list. With U.S. Press, one can design and print their postcards or pieces, and they will be delivered to their local addresses.

The goal of EDDM is to provide a low-cost option for small businesses to promote their products and services through direct mail. It is done through the low-cost postage rates offered by the US Postal Service.


Unlike bulk mail or marketing mail, Door Direct Mail is incredibly fast. It’s also straightforward to set up and customize their routes. With online demographic information, one can also get a good idea of the people who live in the areas they want to mail. When they use the Retail USPS EDDM option, their mail piece will usually reach homes in a couple of business days. The experts ensure that the mail is ready to go as soon as it’s dropped off.


EDDM is a type of direct mail that allows local businesses to send out small batches of mail. There are two main types of EDDM mailings: EDDM Retail and EDDM BMEU. With Taradel EDDM services for Retail, one’s company can mail up to 5,000 pieces a day. They can do EDDM Retail by ordering postcards from a local printing company and filling out the necessary paperwork. Then, drop off the mail at the Post Office. It is the most popular option for most businesses and organizations.

One thing to keep in mind when doing EDDM Retail is that one’s mail pieces must be taken to the Post Office designated for the route. It ensures that the mail gets to the right people quickly and efficiently. If they are looking to expand their reach and reach more people, EDDM BMEU is the ideal option. This type of direct mail is suitable for marketing in larger geographic areas. It gets used for various campaigns, such as multiple routes or entire cities.

For instance, if one is a national retailer planning on opening a new location in Atlanta, EDDM BMEU can be used to create a campaign that targets specific areas within the city. If they are a larger company looking to reach every person within a particular city, EDDM BMEU is the best option.

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