A premium guide to become a full time trader

Have you become tired of 9 to 5 jobs and thought about how boring your professional life is? Then you can try the Forex market to spice up your career. If you are looking for some freedom and a way to get away from your usual desk job, you can always look up to the biggest financial market in the world. Believe it or not, this market is worth giving it a try if you are looking to do something new and if you think you are good with numbers.

Now the two things you will need to be a participant in this highly liquid market are a little investment and some patience. Yes, that’s right! You will not require any kind of university degree or high account deposits to start earning here. You can even start your trading with an investment as small as $100. Another tempting advantage you will get here is that you can work anytime you want, 5 days a week.

Now, the first question that may come to your mind is about how to start trading. Well, it is quite simple. Here are the steps that will help you begin your journey as a Forex investor.

Find a broker

Now, a broker is a middleman who provides all the facilities as well as guides traders about all the terms and conditions in this trading market. Banks usually work as a broker in the currency exchange market and you can choose any reliable broker who you think is the best for your trading. The best way to select a reliable broker is to have a look at people’s reviews and search for positive ones.

Strong reviews mean the brokers have gained the trust of their clients because of their good customer service and facilities. So, there is less chance for you to be scammed if you choose a well-known broker. If required, join the Australian Forex trading and seek help from trained traders. They will help you to select an elite broker like Saxo so that you can trade without any problems.

Make a demo account

When you first join this industry, you will remain unfamiliar with many of its aspects and might even not know about how this industry works. So, to gain some exposure to this industry you can open a demo account where you can freely trade with other amateur traders without any risk of losing money. This will help you to become familiar with different trading terms and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Find your trading style

As an amateur trader, it is obvious that you will not be able to make as much profit like professional traders. You may also not be able to trade with risk that is on the same level as professionals. That’s why it is important that you first work on finding a style that fits you the best before you put all your money in. There are many articles out there on the World Wide Web to inform you about the varying trading styles and you can easily choose one that fits your investment and compatibility.


As we have previously stated that a trader can join this platform with as minimal as $100 but that doesn’t mean he should join this industry with this marginal amount. Starting a trade with $500 is a good way to cope with the changing nature of the market without making any loss in your trade. Your investment should fit with your capability of handling risks and preferred time frame.

Technical analysis

Studying the market is the first thing that a trader needs to do to speculate about the futures market. Analyzing the market is very important to find the best entry and exit points to execute a trade. If a trader doesn’t know when to make execute his trades properly then he may face dangerous consequences when executing his trades.

Aside from all the researchers and strategies, one should also remain aware of his trading emotions so that they don’t have any impact on the trading portfolio of a trader.

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