Custom Cardboard Boxes: 3 Big Benefits For Your Business

Fortunately, nowadays the market has been revolutionized by custom cardboard boxes. You do not have to arrange items in standard-size boxes, which might not necessarily correspond to their dimensional size. This is a very useful choice especially for businesses who require custom-sized boxes as per their requirements and budget limits.

Cardboard custom boxes come with several options for debossing or embossing. The traditional method of debossing is the use of a metal strip embossed over the foil stamping. However, modern materials like polyester or polypropylene foils offer better surface texture options when compared to metal foil embossing. Hence, there is a trend of using both debossing and embossing methods.

If you make custom printed boxes with Refine Packaging, you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of different textures and colors. You may use textures like embossed, silk embroidered or even burnished borders to embellish your cardboard boxes. You may also use foil stamps to deboss designs or artwork. You may even use metallic foil to deboss logos or images of your choice.

The different styles of packaging are: bubble packaging, tubular, tapered, tubular mini and tall cube packaging. Bubble packaging is a popular option used by most companies for sending their products through the postal system. Bubble packaging allows extra cushioning for the items placed inside. Bubble packaging saves space as well as money, as the shipping cost is almost negligible. A major benefit of using bubble packaging is that they can be reused, thus saving you on packing material as well as money for the third party courier company.

Cardboard boxes have a classic look with a colorful touch. Most of these boxes are made of cardboard but there are some made of corrugated fiberboard, which offers the best quality and the most durable packaging available in the market today. Cardboard boxes are made of high density fiberboard that come with protective covering. Most boxes are made of thick PVC sleeves, which makes it easy for shipping, ensuring minimum damage during transport.

Corrugated boxes are very cost-effective, offering good value for your investment. Eco-friendly Kraft boxes offer the best quality and the fastest turnaround time. There are custom cardboard boxes that are suitable for any occasion, whether it is an event or just a gift. By choosing the right type of packaging, you will ensure the safety of your items and make your gifts stand out from others in your customer’s mind.

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