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Five Important Advantages of Rotational Molding when Forming Plastic Products

For product fabrication, rotational molding is superior to other methods of forming plastic including thermoforming, injection molding, and blow molding. Rotational molding involves rotating the mold to ensure an even distribution of the plastic throughout the mold’s interior. This plastic molding method is ideal for manufacturing a range of hollow plastic products that include big, one-piece objects such as storage tanks and kayaks. Indeed, it is possible to create a plastic storage tank with a capacity of 20, 000 gallons. Rotational molding is also used for producing toys, complex medical products, and point-of-sale products. Below are the major benefits of this rotomolding:

It Makes Production Efficient

Typically, rotational molding requires less tooling and lead time. Thus, it is ideal for short runs and rush deliveries. Switching colors without purging molds is possible and this also accelerates production. If you need to produce a higher volume of your plastic products, fabricating big numbers of the most affordable aluminum molds is possible. Learn more at https://fibertechinc.net/.

It is Durable and Strong

With the rotational process, the stress points common with other methods of fabrication is eliminated. Because of this, corners are usually more consistent and stronger. Reinforced ribs can be added to a design to boost strength while minimizing material costs. Rotational molding makes it easy to achieve consistent wall thickness, making it possible to have thinner wall specifications which reduce material cost and production time.

It Can Fabricate More Complex Designs

Rotomolding can be used to produce products that have fewer parts, reducing the costs. Also,  it can include the addition of metal threads and internal pipes to the mold before the start of the molding process.

It Makes Molding Graphics and Information into Products Possible

With rotomolding, you can come up with plastic products that boost awareness of your brand. This can be achieved by using bold molded-in graphics. Also, information such as bar codes and serial numbers can be molded into the products, which means you don’t need to use labels. Did you know that the rotational cast process also reproduces any texture present in the mold?

It Produces Sustainable Products

When it comes to rotomolding, polyethylene is the kind of plastic that works well. Once a plastic product reaches its end of life, polyethylene is ground into pellets to be made into new products. Rotomolding also allows for minimal waste since it does not leave runners, pressed scrap and sprue.

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