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Important Features a Sales Route Planning App Should Provide

A sales route planner can help you better plan your sales routes with numerous features. However, there are some key features you should focus on when you are looking to implement a sales route planning app into your field sales operations. With that in mind, here are some of the best features that your application must provide through route planning.

Handle risks and changes

Even when everything is planned smoothly, there is a chance that something will go off the rails. For instance, you may want to change a sales route on the fly when a client cancels a meeting at the last minute.

That’s why you must use a sales route planner that has an option that allows your users to postpone, cancel, and edit their trips.

Save, share and import

Mobile apps that involve navigation and GPS features should also save favorite places and routes that you can immediately share with your sales team. There are several navigation features that can help the app give you the value you are looking for, including the ability to save, share, and import sales routes.

Sync tour plans

Normally, a person is not alone when using a route. Renters often go with agents; doctors sometimes make home visits to visit patients along with nurses, and sales reps use their route to build out their sales territory and share it with their team. For that reason, users want a feature in their app to share their routes with other people.

Aside from the sharing feature, there must be a supporting and notification system in the app. This feature must allow them to send a push notification about a user’s itinerary and send a notification to the customer, alerting them whether the user is on route to their destination.

Allow users to prioritize their time

Users often like to be responsible for determining the list of places they want to visit, how much time they like to spend at every place, and when to visit. For that reason, users need a combined calendar to make the most out of their route planning abilities.

A good sales route planning app will be able to integrate your calendar with the app. This allows users to arrange their plans based on their day-to-day schedule and can even make prioritization based on the importance of particular customers.

Hands-free and voice-guided navigation

Everyone knows that checking a phone now and again is very dangerous, and it must not be done when driving. It can lead to injuries and accidents. That’s why a sales route planning app should provide a voice-guided navigation feature, allowing it to help the customer navigate safely.

On top of that, hands-free navigation can help the driver concentrate on driving while attentively listening to the directions. This level of navigation also guarantees the app offers correct directions and offers you accident reports and weather alerts that may impact your sales route.

Prioritize apps

When selecting places to visit, users might be more interested in visiting some locations over others. In that instance, you can allow users to rate locations within the app and prioritize their top options based on sales activities. You can even have other sales reps rate sales locations within the app in the event that another sales rep takes over their territory.

Integrating a sales route planner in your app might seem challenging at first, but the results will enhance user experience and better customer loyalty. All in all, the use of a sales route planning app will help your sales team focus on what matters most: generating more sales.

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