What Type of Influence Does Product Packaging Has on Consumer Behavior?

Thirty minutes shopping period is what firms have to attract, demonstrate value, and sell their product. With a lot of competition, custom packaging is a lucrative opportunity for marketers and manufacturers to communicate the message of brand and position them as a superior choice than their competitors. Thus, an excellently designed packaging design can bring a lot of difference in the product success. Let us see more on the impact of packaging on the consumer.

First impression is the last impression

Packaging is a critical factor when forming a decision. Firms understand the significance of first impression and so they introduce endless variations in the structural product design to catch the eye of the customer instantly. Below are mentioned some of the aspects of retail boxes with logo that makes drives the attention of customers:

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Images
  • Structural design
  • Brand name
  • Print finishes


Your packaging should be such that it brings a spontaneous reaction from the customer. To get such an instant reaction, you can try with bright colors, unique packaging designs, distinct fonts that arouse the interest in the customer and they can’t resist their curiosity to find more about the product. This even sometimes leads to making a purchase.


Your product packaging should be such that it gives a mysterious appeal to viewers. It should build some type of eagerness and expectation in people. They should have these questions crossing their mind:

  • How does it feel like?
  • How good it performs?
  • What type of issues will it solve?
  • How will it feel to own it?

Emotional response

Buying decisions can arise negative and positive emotions such as guilt or satisfaction. Be watchful of your interaction with your customers.  You need to be honest, understanding and cooperative with your customers. The level of product quality, packaging design, and customer service that you provide go a long way in getting a customer to buy into its services.

You must ensure that your packaging should not be more luxurious than your product. By opening the product, they should not feel ditched, unhappy and unsatisfied. In fact, they must get the quality what you claim them to provide.


Industry-leading firms are using product packaging as one of their marketing strategies. This provides organization with an essential framework to effectively communicate the purpose of a product and its benefits to the consumer. This results in long-term loyalty and increased satisfaction among customers.

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