What You Should Know If You are Interested in Topdressing Your Lawn

Topdressing a lawn involves the application of extra materials to the lawn’s surface to make it look its best. A topdressing is composed of a mix of materials like sand, topsoil, loam, and peat made to match the composition of the existing soil. Eventually, the added materials will form part of the root zone, so they must blend well.

Importance of Topdressing

Aside from improving the look of your lawn, topdressing also helps improve grass health. It fills in any imperfections or hollow areas I the lawn to create a smooth surface. Also, it helps dilute thatch layers, helping them break down naturally and prevent from the accumulating.

If your lawn is suffering from waterlogging, you can consider having a sand-based topdressing after aeration to improve the drainage and firm the surface. If drought is an issue, you can apply the same method but using a peat topdressing instead of sand. If you choose to spread topsoil, a topsoil spreader can do the job right.

When to Topdress Your Lawn

Ideally, your turf can be top-dressed after aeration, which is the process of making holes in the lawn’s surface to let stale carbon dioxide out of the soil and oxygen-rich air back in. This process stimulates and encourages root growth.

Lawn aeration must be done every year to eliminate plugs of soil from the ground and leave channels for air water and the top dressing to mix in. Make sure aerator holes are roughly 8cm deep and 2cm in diameter and spaced up to 8 cm apart.

How to Make Your Lawn Topdressing

After clearing and aerating your turf, you must prepare the topdressing. Again, the topdressing can consist of a mix of materials depending on the existing soil composition and health. If you add sand, make sure it does not contain lime and all ingredients are dry and sifted before use to eliminate any big clumps. But, if you don’t want to make your topdressing, you can purchase a readymade top dressing from stores.

Before you apply the topdressing, ensure the grass has been recently cut to let the topdressing penetrate the existing topsoil without damaging the grass. After cutting, get your rake and loosen bare patches.

Applying the Topdressing

When applying the topdressing to your turf, work a few feet at a time. This ensures the mixture is spread evenly across the whole surface. To ensure even distribution of the mixture, use a spreader. Make sure the topdressing is not more than 2cm in depth, letting the tips of the blades of grass poke through.

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