Know the Terms of Packing Installation About Centrifugal Pumps

A Centrifugal pump has a number of parts e.g. packing gland, lantern ring, stuffing box and so on and so forth. Can you identify all of them and also know their purpose? For anyone who is about to enter into this field, may find many of the terms quite unfamiliar. Here are few terms that you must know while packing a centrifugal pump.

  • Base ring

When you pack sanitary Valves, the first piece that is installed at the stuffing box’s bottom is known as a base ring. This base ring is meant for preventing packing from any extruding through stuffing box’s bottom.

  • Shaft sleeve

One hollow metal tube which protects the shaft to prevent from packing’s wear is the shaft sleeve. For longer life, shaft sleeve is typically coated with hard metal in packing applications.

  • Lantern ring

This is also known as “water seal rings” or “seal cage”. It is used if outside lubrication is needed. It is usually made of bronze material or PTFE and is usually split. It also has around the side’s multiple holes for lubrication. Lubrication is needed in packing for keeping it cool and also for flushing abrasive particles and corrosive chemicals. Often it needs flushing from any external source, particularly if the pump is very abrasive or contaminated.

  • Packing gland

After all the packing has already been installed in your stuffing box then lastly this is installed. It helps in holding the packing on stuffing box’s inside. Avoid overtightening this piece as many operators often overtighten it for preventing any leakage in the packing. As such, packing is so designed that it allows some amount of leakage for keeping the seal area fully lubricated.


Packings are available in many different types as well as size. Based on the particular application, the packing selection is decided. There are different packings meant for high temperature, sanitary, abrasive and corrosive applications. Cost of packing generally is not too high, but it can increase over a time, as it needs more maintenance to prevent any product loss as compared to mechanical seals.

A packing gland which is too tight may also be the reason of the pump drawing more power. As the packing gets compressed, it will squeeze tightly around its shaft sleeve that may cause additional shaft drag.

Knowing about different names of centrifugal pump parts as well as their functions will be very important for proper pump operation and maintenance too. So, you may take little time to know about all the terms with your team to reduce maintenance downtime, so that pumps can run efficiently.

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