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What are the Pros of Using an Automated Guiding Vehicle or AGV?

Many people think that AGVs or Automated Guiding Vehicles are just used for transferring a component or material from one location to next. However, AGVs are meant more than the distribution and manufacturing environment and purposes. AGV vehicles are also used in healthcare, military and transportation logistics market nowadays.

Here are some more advantages of using an AGV.

  1. Offers a Dynamic Design Solution

If you have ever been involved in relocating a fixed conveyor system, you know how daunting nature of a task it is. When you take the help of the AGV technology and wireless routing, the vehicles can be rapidly reprogrammed in order to change the path or the operation, eradicating the need for the expensive retrofitting. New directions, work cells, and tasks can be built in an instant with no need for the physical equipment installation.

  1. Modular System Elements

After you have put the control system where it belongs, the AGVs can be integrated by the operation growth. A fleet can begin with a single robot and then grow as the demand tend to increase, bring down the initial investment and letting a gradual and seamless implementation take place. AGVs can also be easily integrated with the robotic attachments and current or new material handling equipment in order to fully develop an automated system.

  1. Safe and Predictable Technology

With the help of the control system advancements, AGVs provide a safe and predictable way of delivery and keeping the interference at bay from human and building factors. AGVs can work almost around the clock with no kind of need from breaks and vacation time. Apart from this, AGVs work in conditions that aren’t suitable for human operators like extreme temperatures and toxic environments.

  1. Increased Accuracy and Productivity

When AGVs or Automated Guided Vehicles are integrated with RF technology, interface with the Warehouse Management System or the Warehouse Control System in order to improve efficiency and accuracy. AGVs tend to have a little downtime and they work at a constant and fixed rate in order to meet a predictable metric for the operational activity.

Automated guided vehicles aren’t used for transporting materials from one location to another anymore. Now they are a huge component of a complicated system of operations that bestow the benefits to a wide range of market. So no matter if it is the delivery of parts in a warehouse, dispersing medicine in a hospital or covering the ground for military purpose, it can be safely considered that these are simply not the functions a simple machine can perform.

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